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About Lush Magnolia

How it began

March 2020, I was at the height of my 15 year long career in hospitality as a catering sales manager for a luxury wedding venue in the heart of the French Quarter. That came to a screeching halt once COVID hit New Orleans, shuttering many establishments for months. The journey to move on was filled with denial, bouts of depression, and many failed trials of "something new" before I finally discovered modern flower preservation. It felt like a eureka moment! I knew from my work in weddings, bouquet preservation was something missing from the local industry that couples were searching for. Not only that, it combined many of my talents and passions into one. Being able to remain in wedding industry that I love was important to me; because of the incredible people who make up the local vendors but also helping couples to celebrate their love has always been fulfilling. Going back to childhood, I have always had an affinity for nature. As anyone who has been on a hike with me can attest to based on the number of useless photos I have taken of plants! (Thank you all for your patience with me). It also allows me the creative outlet that I was missing due to the long hours of my corporate career. The process from idea to a full fledged business was quick as immediate support from local planners and florists poured in from the first post on instagram.

I look forward to helping happy couples preserve a piece of their wedding as one of a kind, heirloom artwork!

Stephanie Baker,

Owner, Lead Preservationist & Designer

WIPA New Orleans & Gulf South President

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