Wedding Flower Preservation

Preserve the moment forever with custom designed commissioned artwork & functional home decor. 

You already spent a fortune on flowers, don't let them wilt. We love working with happy couples to create luxury pieces commemorating their special day. As a boutique art studio, space is extremely limited, book in advance to secure your space in our calendar. 


The Process

Preserve a piece of your wedding as modern luxury artwork custom designed for you!

Step 1| Contact us to ensure your date is available.

Since we are a boutique shop and flower preservation requires time and attention, space is limited. 

Step 2| We'll draw up a contract.

We require a minimum spend of $350 on custom artwork and a 50% deposit to secure your date. We'll discuss the pieces you are interested in but this can be changed until the drying process begins. 

Step 3| Once the deposit has been placed, we will set up a time for flower drop off at our studio or to be overnight shipped to us. We will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your flowers until we receive them. 

Step 4| When we receive the flowers, we will document the condition and preserve all flowers either pressed, hung, or buried in silica gel based on flower type & artwork you are purchasing. 

Step 5| Once all flowers have completely dried, we will send design options for the pieces you were interested in. Once you approve the design, and your molds are available, we will begin the resin process. 

Step 6| Final payment is due upon completion of the work. Finished artwork is packaged and shipped for you to enjoy for years to come. 


How long does the process take until I receive my finished artwork?

Each order is different with a wide range of answers from 2 days to 6 months depending on many factors such as number of items in the order & size of those pieces as well as they species of flowers since drying time varies significantly. Currently for special occasion preservation from weddings or funerals, we have a 6 month turnaround time. For custom orders with flowers from our studio, the time frame is generally 2 days-2 weeks. Inquire with us for a specific answer for your order.

How long will my resin artwork last?

Provided you take care of your resin artwork, it should last a lifetime. We use a hard curing resin which results in a glass like finish that is scratch resistant. Our resin has built in UV protection to prevent your flowers from fading and slow the yellowing of the resin over time. All resin will eventually begin to yellow but you can prolong the life of your artwork by keeping it out of direct sunlight & away from high heat sources.

Will my flowers change color?

Yes, your flowers will change colors during the drying process. The extent that they change, depends on a number of factors. Not all white flowers will stay white, many varieties will turn ivory or if pressed, may turn beige. Lighter colored flowers are more likely to show bruising once in resin. Mid range colors tend to stay very similar to the original shade but deep reds and purples will become much darker or in some cases turn bright pink if pressed. We love this part of the process!

Do you work with already dried flowers?

Yes! Bringing new life to dried flowers is one of our favorite services that we offer. Since they are already dry, we can't press them but we can use them in any of our 3D molds or use the petals for our smaller selections. Even in jewelry. Contact us to discuss options and availability.


My event already happened, will you take my flowers?

We accept flowers up to 4 days after the event if we have availability. We need time to feed the flowers and bring them back to their peak (as much as possible) before drying. We generally do not offer pressed options last minute unless you only want loose petals in your designs as pressing is extremely labor intensive & we plan our work weeks in advance.

I wasn't able to preserve my flowers, should I just buy new ones?

Yes! Contact your florist to have a mini bouquet remade and bring or ship to us directly for drying. Don't want to use your same florist or ship to us? No problem, we can connect you with a local florist to purchase the flowers so we can create your custom artwork!

Contact us to preserve your special flowers!

We'll send you a catalog with our current options, draw up a contract and set up a flower drop off appointment. 

Thanks for submitting!