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  • Do you put my fresh flowers straight into resin?
    No, moisture in flowers will do two things, continue to age the flower - turning it brown, moldy and misshapen and prevent the resin from properly curing. Flowers must be dried as the first step in preservation regardless of preservation method.
  • Will my flowers change color?
    Yes, your flowers will change colors during the drying process. The extent that they change, depends on a number of factors. Most white flowers will not stay white, many varieties will turn ivory, beige or tan. We find this gives a vintage feel to the piece. Lighter colored flowers are more likely to show bruising aka transparent spots once in resin. Mid range colors tend to stay very similar to the original shade but deep reds and purples will become much darker or in some cases turn bright pink etc. If you have questions or concerns about how your flowers will dry, please contact us. We can give you an idea but there can be variations and the end outcome is unpredictable. We love this part of the process however if you would like your flowers to be protected from transparent spots and or be colored more similarly to their original color, please inquire with us about coloration upgrade.
  • Do you work with already dried flowers?
    Yes! Bringing new life to dried flowers is one of our favorite services that we offer. Since they are already dry, we can't press them but we can use them in any of our 3D molds or use the petals for our smaller selections. Even in jewelry. Contact us to discuss options!
  • My event already happened, will you take my flowers?
    We accept flowers up to 4 days after the event if we have availability. For weddings, we strongly encourage booking in advance to have your specific items selected, have a plan in place for taking care of the flowers until your drop off appointment or shipping them to us. This will eliminate any stress of choosing immediately after the wedding when all you should be focusing on is celebrating with friends and family! For memorials, we understand that it can be difficult to make selections immediately following your loss but memorial flowers tend to wilt faster than other arrangements so it is important that we receive the flowers as soon as possible to preserve them in the best condition for your remembrance piece.
  • I wasn't able to preserve my flowers before they died, should I buy new ones?
    Yes! Contact your florist to have a mini bouquet remade and bring or ship to us directly for drying. Don't want to use your same florist or ship to us? No problem, we can connect you with a local florist to purchase the flowers so we can create your custom artwork!
  • Are my flowers preserved once dry?
    No, the flowers need to be dried as the first step in preservation but they need to be sealed to retain color and shape. New Orleans is extremely humid and while we do our best with A/C and multiple industrial dehumidifiers as well as keeping the flowers in containers- they do inevitably start to absorb moisture from the air. It is important that you get back with us quickly regarding your designs so we can seal the flowers as soon as possible to ensure the best possible end product. We keep your flowers in our drying method until we are ready to work on your designs. Lush Magnolia is not responsible for any changes in the flowers.
  • I saw a piece I love, can my piece look like that?
    This depends on if you ordered the same or similar items and the type of flowers you have vs the flowers in the example you love. Not all flowers work for all the various design options we offer. Our artists will do their best to mimic the piece you like if possible but may suggest a very different design if your flowers won't work in the selected design preference.
  • Will my flowers have brown spots?
    More than likely yes. Your bouquet or arrangement has been through a lot and it will show once the flowers have dried. We think all flowers are beautiful but you can help prevent excessive browning by following our care instructions, shipping instructions and getting your flowers to us as quickly as possible. If you don't like how your flowers dried, you can purchase new ones as replacements for us to dry fresh or upgrade to coloration. Lush Magnolia is not responsible for any amount of browning.
  • Will my finished artwork look exactly like my design?
    Yes and no. We do our best to create designs that will translate well into resin however when working with fragile dried botanicals, there may be some loss of petals, slight movement of flowers, leaves or petals, change of color, transparent spots, color bleeding (if we are not made aware of dyed or painted flowers or greenery) We reserve the right to replace flowers. greenery or petals at our discretion during the resin process without notice as it is extremely time sensitive and the client understands that we will make the best decision for the integrity of the artwork.
  • How do you preserve my paper product?
    We love including invitations, vows, letters, or memorial cards in our artwork. You can drop your items in our mail slot or mail them to us with something to prevent bending. We recommend sending more than one if possible to ensure the best possible outcome. We take great care with your special items but resin work is sometimes chaotic and things happen. We laminate your paper product to ensure the resin doesn't eat away at the paper, cause ink to bleed and to stiffen the item to keep it as flat as possible in the liquid resin. Client understands that there may be a loss of the paper products & releases Lush Magnolia of responsibility.
  • How do you finish your products?
    We top coat or sand our products to a polish at our discretion. There will not be sharp edges that occur from resin shrinkage in the mold. We finish all of our products to have a professional look. We offer the upgraded beveled edge in either frosted or glossy finish for an additional fee (Included with certain tables)
  • How do you prevent bubbles?
    As resin experts, we have worked with or tested every high quality resin brand on the market suited for flower preservation. We use the clearest resin that inherently has the highest bubble release. We use multiple varieties of resin for different applications. Contrary to popular belief, not all resin should be handled the same. We use a combination of methods including a vacuum chamber, heat gun, torch, and 91% alcohol as well as good old manual popping applied appropriately to each specific resin. Additionally we employ environmental factors such as specific room temperature, and dehumidifiers. Additional bubbles occur due to the off gassing of porous items such as botanicals. We do our best to eliminate them until the resin becomes too cured to safely continue working it. Some bubbles may show up after this time that cannot be prevented. We can sometimes Dremel out the bubble, sand and back fill with resin but this is only in certain circumstances.
  • Will my artwork be machine quality flawless?
    No, these are hand made works of art using natural items (flowers) so there will be evidence of that including minor bubbles, dust particles, hair, resin layer lines, small divots, uneven edges etc. We craft every piece to the highest quality humanly possible but we also believe there is a beauty to the minor imperfections showing the handcrafted love that went into your piece.
  • Why do I need to select my items before you receive my flowers?
    We require that you make your selections before we receive your flowers so our artists know how to dry them as soon as they arrive. The sooner we get the flowers into drying, the better they will look when we pull them out for the design phase. We need to know what items you want before we can dry the flowers as we dry them differently depending on your selections. We offer three dimensional items where the flowers are dried exactly in the form they arrive in and modified three dimensional / pressed items which require that the flowers be opened and flattened.
  • How do you prevent yellowing? Will my artwork yellow?
    We use the clearest resin currently on the market that contains anti- yellowing agents to help protect your piece over time. All resin does yellow eventually though but we prefer to think of it as antiquing giving it a vintage feel over the years. We provide you with care instructions that will help with the longevity of your artwork. Opting for a colored background (other than white) can reduce the noticeability of the yellowing over time.
  • Do you dry all of my flowers?
    That depends on how many flowers you give us and what items you have. We will dry just enough to have a good selection to choose from for your designs as it costs us materials to dry your flowers. If you plan on adding items later, it is best to tell us what you are considering in advance so we can dry enough flowers in the correct manner to avoid disappointment later.
  • How long does the process take until I receive my finished artwork?
    Each order is different depending on many factors such as number of items in the order, specific items & upgrades, the length of time the design phase takes etc. Generally, for special occasion preservation from weddings or funerals, we currently have an average 8 month turnaround time. However, this does vary for every order and may change significantly prior to yours. For custom orders with flowers from our studio, the time frame varies from 1-4 months. Feel free to inquire with us for updates on your order however we do not give estimates or guaranteed completion times.
  • How long will my resin artwork last?
    Provided you take care of your resin artwork, it should last a lifetime. We use a hard curing resin which results in a glass like finish that is scratch resistant.Our resin is the clearest on the market and has built in UV protection to prevent your flowers from fading and slow the yellowing of the resin over time. All resin will eventually begin to yellow but you can prolong the life of your artwork by keeping it out of direct sunlight & away from high heat sources. Lush Magnolia is not responsible for yellowing, fading of flowers, scratches or breakage after the products have left our studio. These are art pieces that need to be cared for as such.
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